12 July 2017

The heSam mapping

The mapping of HESAM Université’s courses and research is an open digital tool, available online. It is destined to users and staff of member institutions as well as any audience willing to learn about HESAM Université.

Mapping of HESAM Université

  • Training
    This important data base lists all of the offered training courses by our institutions as well as the 100% HESAM Université courses (PEPITE HESAM Entreprendre, Centre Michel Serres, etc.).
  • Research
    Research is part of the mapping listing all the structures at disposal of the community (association) ‘s users, i.e. the entire list of our laboratories, doctoral schools, MRU, research centers, etc.
  • Open data
    HESAM Université will display its data on the Open Data platform of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. By facilitating the access to its data to citizens and companies, HESAM supports and fosters innovative projects adapted to main societal stakes.

>> Mapping of HESAM Université


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