31 March 2016

About heSam Enterprise

To develop the will, creativity and to support entrepreneurial approaches of the Hesam Université students with PEPITE Hesam Entreprendre.

Key figures

In 2014-2016:

  • 118 student-entrepreneur statuses delivered
  • Launching of the 1st promotion of D2E in 2016-2017:
  • 40 enrolled
  • 30 guided projects
  • 1 co-working space
  • Focus on entrepreneurship in the Hesam members in 2015-2016:
  • 1619 students with increased awareness
  • 2364 specialised students
  • 316 trained students

Student and entrepreneur

PEPITE Hesam Entreprendre delivers the national status of student-entrepreneur and offers the opportunity to every student with the project of creation or takeover of a company to register to the Diplôme d’Etudiant Entrepreneur (D2E). This registration grants access to a co-working space, to counselling, a specific training and thematic workshops led by professionals and entrepreneurial experts.

It aims to stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation within HeSam University in four main areas:

  • Promoting entrepreneurship and innovation as a professional choice
  • Supporting the development of entrepreneurship and innovation projects
  • Partnering heSam University incubators and public/private organizations
  • Accessing the tools and heSam professional networks needed to launch your project

With PEPITE, you can receive training and support to develop your entrepreneurial project, whether it’s individual, collective, economic, social, innovative and/or technological, or involves setting up a new business or taking over an existing one.

Join PEPITE and you will become a registered student entrepreneur with:

  • Personal support from experts to work on your project
  • Access to a co-working space
  • The option to take part in the TREMPLIN national competition and win up to €10,000
  • An adapted timetable within your faculty to accommodate your project
  • The possibility to earn ECTS, or even replace your internship with your entrepreneurial project
  • Extended student status and its benefits (Social Security cover, cafeteria access, public transport, etc.) via enrolment in the Student Entrepreneur Diploma (D2E)
  • A qualification in business creation, the Student Entrepreneur Diploma (D2E) Download the brochure

To find out more: http://www.pepite-france.fr/


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