31 March 2016

Become a Student Entrepreneur

  • Are you a student at or recent graduate from one of our facilities?
  • Not a member of our community but want to join us?
  • Under the age of 28?
  • Have a baccalaureate or its equivalent?

Then you can apply to join PEPITE!

Simply fill out the application below. It will be reviewed by PEPITE’s Engagement Committee.

The Engagement Committee will meet on 15 June 2016 so you have until 10 June to submit your application!

Hints and tips to complete and submit your application:

  • save the file on your desktop
  • rename the file SURNAME_Forename_APPLICATION_2016.pdf
  • complete the application using free Acrobat Reader software only (http://get.adobe.com/fr/reader/)
  • email it, with the supporting documents, to the address shown on the application with a copy to your PEPITE: pepite@hesam.eu

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