16 December 2015


All our research and teaching activities and programmes are open to the international world and attract the best researchers in the field.
  • Centre Michel Serres

“Providing innovative solutions for the modern day challenges” that human societies, territories, business and public organisations have to meet, is the leitmotiv and the purpose of the Centre Michel Serres. The Centre is built on interdisciplinarity in the projects undertaken and in the teaching provided. It prepares students to work in multidisciplinary teams – the professional version of academic interdisciplinarity – and even lead such teams. Partnerships with higher education and / or research institutions, members of the ComUE, and sometimes external to it, are organised on a project by project basis.
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  • heSam Enterprise 

PEPITE, the Innovation, Transfer and Entrepreneurship Student Platform, was launched by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research in 2014. It brings together students from members of the heSam community: CNAM, CNRS, École du Louvre, ENA, ENSAM, ENSCI-Les Ateliers, ESCP Europe, INED, INHA, INP, Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne University and IFM (as an associate member).
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  • Educational Projects

HeSam Université educational projects aim to work on the five themes which have been identified as strategic for us: Industry and Regions; Risks, Regulation and QualityObject DynamicsTomorrow’s Africa(s)Learning in order to create. Our educational projects make use of a both multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary approach.
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  • LabEx

LabEx are Laboratories of Excellence, part of the “Investments for the Future” programmes of the French government, encourage the best French research centers to increase their scientific influence, merging forces into research units called LabEx (for Laboratoires d’Excellence, that is to say, Research Departments of Excellence) having enough resources to gain international visibility, capable to compete with their international counterparts. HeSam Université and its members are part of 4 labEx programmes: Cap, DynamiTe, iPOPs and RéFi.
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  • NExT Programmes

The research strategy of heSam Université is organised around its NExT programmes (Noyaux d’Excellence Thématique – thematic excellence hubs).
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  • Synergie Programmes

In addition to the NExT programmes, heSam Université also supports research through its Synergies Programmes.
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  • Research Projects

HeSam Université proposes calls for applications for research projects, which would last 1 year. The aim is to develop new research collaborations, or to accentuate others, on our 5 main topics: Industry and Regions; Risks, Regulation, and Quality; Object Dynamics; Tomorrow’s Africa(s); Learning in order to create.
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  • Doctoral School

The Doctoral School is an internal body of the heSam Université community. It coordinates the different organisations involved in PhD programmes. Its key role is to contribute to the development and implementation of heSam policy for PhDs.
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  • Summer schools

HeSam Université is providing a support to the organization of cross-disciplinary summer schools, which are gathering teachers, researchers and PhD students. Our summer schools make teachers, researchers and PhD students work together. They are based on cross- disciplinary work and lasting cooperations are forged among researchers and our member institutions. An international dimension is stressed.
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  • International Chairs

HeSam Université contributes to the development of international exchanges through the financing of international chairs since 2013.These chairs are promoted and supported by Fondation maison des sciences de l’homme, and more particularly with its Collège d’études internationales.
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