16 December 2015

Our mission

What does the ComUE heSam Université add to the members’ International Relations?

heSam’s international relations follow four major directions within our  educational and research programmes framework

– International dimension to our common research programmes:
• We strongly support international mobility programmes for our doc and post-doc students and the integration of excellent international students into our research and training programmes.
• We set up visiting chairs and harmonise those already set up by our members.
• We host international researchers and fully support their integration into our labs and research teams.

– Common platform for all our members to answer international calls for projects, for example EU programmes and international calls for application.

– Sharing and joining in order to enhance our members’ international best practices:
• Together, we can offer better accommodation to our international students and researchers.
•  setting up a joint welcome office to make international researchers’ and students’ integration easier. We offer logistical help and centralised information access to studies and research.

– Defining the context of our existing and future cooperations.