4 November 2015

What’s an IDEX ?

The Initiatives d’Excellence (IDEX) are programmes that aim to create world ranking multidisciplinary higher education and research groupings in France.

Les Projets d’Investissements d’Avenir (PIA)


The Investissements d’Avenir is a French state run programme which was introduced in 2010. Also known as the “Grand Emprunt”, it has a €47 billion fund, part of which is for research and higher education. These are known as Initiatives d’Excellence (IDEX).


Les Initiatives d’Excellences (IDEX)

The Initiatives d’Excellence (IDEX) are national projects that aim to encourage the emergence of higher education and scientific research centres of excellence. They are directly financed by PIA funds. The ComUEs present their projects to an international scientific panel in response to a call for projects.

During the first call for IDEX projects in 2012, heSam Université was awarded a grant of 14.5 million euros over 4 years to fund its scientific project known as >>Paris Nouveaux Mondes.


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