4 November 2015

Our structure

HeSam Université is based on its 11 member institutions. Together they form a unique group covering a broad scientific range, enabling them to achieve what they could not hope to do alone.

HeSam Université (hautes écoles Sorbonne arts et métiers) is a ComUE, a ‘Confederal Logo_heSam_provisoire_72University’ which brings together prestigious French establishments of research and higher education. Founded and officialised through a Government Notification published in the official journal of the French Repulic or the ‘Journal Officiel’, vide decree number 2015-1065, published on the 26th of August 2015.

Enabling our member establishments to collectively realise what they cannot do alone, is heSam Université’s credo. It’s ambition is to create a confederal university, which respects the prerogatives of its members and takes advantage of their strong skills to create new knowledge and new values by making efficient use of interdisciplinarity. As a place for research, creation, knowledge, and know-how, focusing on the contemporary issues facing our societies, heSam offers new opportunities to its establishments for students, teachers, researchers, staff etc while striving to rightfully place heSam on the International arena in Higher Education.

With its >> 11 member institutions, heSam has established an unprecedented alliance between the humanities and the social sciences (SHS), the engineering sciences, the science of public and private governance, design, art and heritage.  Some of our illustrious members are the Sorbonne (Paris 1) renowned for Social Sciences and Law, ESCP Europe (Oldest business school in the world, currently ranked 13 by the Financial Times), the Arts et Métiers ParisTech (one of the most prestigious engineering schools in France founded in 1870), Ecole du Louvre (Primary institution for Art history and Art studies).

Jean-Luc DELPEUCH is the elected President of heSam Université since 2/02/2016


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