4 November 2015

We are heSam Université

HESAM Université is an interdisciplinary community of 15 French higher education institutions of (post-degree) training, research and corporate networks dedicated to the challenges of transformation (demographic, digital, technologic, societal).

Interdisciplinarity as core value

HESAM Université aims at creating a new kind of university, based on interdisciplinarity and cross-exchange of knowledge and know-how developed by (entrenched in) its members. 15 institutions have decided to partner to multiply their competencies in terms of training, research, digital technology and international relations. Together, the members of HESAM Université reach new calls for research project proposals of international caliber and offer more complete and more attractive top-notch education.

To professionalize academics and academize the professionals 

The members of HESAM University have set the common goal to build a new interdisciplinary university of knowledge able to conciliate the different institutions’ cultures and scientific approaches to train an always broader and diversified public.

  • Enhancing interdisciplinarity
    To create training, research, knowledge, interdisciplinary know-how. To enable the exchange of practices and approaches, to develop new ways to train.
  • Building tomorrow’s university
    To open up to new perspectives, to new pedagogies, to make innovation our credo. To fathom and understand the needs of tomorrow’s society, to train its future actors and decision-makers.
  • To transmit and diffuse
    To transmit knowledge, to give access to education to the largest number through efficient and innovative training tools. To create a community of knowledge.


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