17 July 2015

Paris Nouveaux Mondes

Paris Nouveaux Mondes (PNM) is heSam Université’s Initiative for Excellency (Idex), which comprises several projects - from 2012 to 2016 - aiming to expand the range of training and research in its member institutions.

What is PNM?

PNM is an interdisciplinary programme whose focus is research, education, and innovation. It combines humanities and sciences to meet the challenges of a changing world. The project has been subsidized to the tune of 14.5 million euros over 4 years.


This ambitious programme has enabled heSam Université to lay the foundations of its grouping by initiating fertile research projects, such as NExTSynergie Programme and Research Projects. 7 excellence laboratories (LABEX) – REFITEPSISCAPCORAILDYNAMITEHASTEC, and IPOPS – are also associated with PNM.

Education and Innovation:

The educational aspect of the programme has also introduced numerous successes including the Centre Michel Serres, an innovation space, which now occupies a unique place on the higher education landscape. In terms of education, PNM introduced summer schools, the PEPITE – heSam Entreprendre, project and educational projects.

The overall objectives of the PNM include promoting interdisciplinary research, promoting international exchanges, and developing synergies between heSam’s member institutions.

  • Exploring the connections between industrial development and territorial policies. What developments? What transformations?
  • Studying the notions of risk, regulation, and quality, from environmental, economic, legal, financial, societal, energy, and technical points of view.
  • Devising objects, from creation to design and conservation, while understanding its relationship with the economy, technology, culture, society, imagination, and the notion of transmission.
  • Studying the key continent of this century, its cultural and economic initiatives by taking an academic co-development approach.
  • Encouraging innovative educational methods, aimed at all types of audiences, in order to increase access to education and develop creativity, inventiveness, and knowledge.

For further informations : Sonia LITAÏEM, chargée d’administration : sonia.litaiem@hesam.eu