16 July 2015

Semesters & Innovation Projects

Michel Serres Semesters (SeMS) are offered to students in M1 or M2, or at equivalent levels, in all specialities. They provide to students a formation in the management of project with their "Innovation Projects" .


A Michel Serres Semester corresponds to a university semester

A SeMS includes two main educational elements – the interdisciplinary innovation project, and the individual knowledge project – a personalized composition of classes, research, and / or individual work.
• The students, from different disciplinary curricula, come together in the Centre to conduct an interdisciplinary innovation project. They spend about 60% of their time on it during the semester.
• In parallel, for the remaining 40% of the time, students undertake individual knowledge projects. These consist of research and / or personal work and / or classes taken in heSam Université community institutions.
The semester, once validated, is worth 30 ECTS credits.

Project based education central to the Michel Serres Semester

Building on interdisciplinarity and university-industry relationships, the Centre Michel Serres bases its educational approach on conducting innovation projects in partnership with the world of work. Objective: to offer students “on the ground” learning and a better understanding of the business world, as well as of public organizations. These collective innovation projects are complemented by individual knowledge projects.
All Centre Michel Serres innovation projects are intended to provide practical solutions to modern day social, environmental, cultural, economic challenges.

Innovation projects

Offering significant advantages in the education of students at the Centre, innovation projects allow a multidisciplinary group of 8 to 12 students to work half the time on a particular theme sponsored by a real-world player (big or small business, local authority, associations, etc.). It is a challenge for students who have to match their knowledge and expertise to the requirements of the partner and produce an innovative response.
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Evaluation and validation of the Semester

The interdisciplinary innovation project and individual knowledge project are evaluated.
The evaluation of the innovation project is done through project reviews in the presence of the partner and a final summary with a discussion paper and an oral presentation. In some cases, the deliverables may include the creation of models.
A public presentation of the project is organized a few weeks after it is completed, respecting however any confidentiality clauses.
Each student’s individual project is specifically evaluated on the basis of the terms agreed in advance as part of the study contract.
The “Centre Michel Serres Semester Certificate” is awarded to students who meet the contractual obligations of the course; each course is unique and subject to a study contract. It will be attached in due course to the diploma issued for each student by their home establishment.

Information for enrolling for a Michel Serres Semester

• Every candidate for SeMS must be enrolled in a Master (M1 or M2) course or a course whose diploma confers a Master’s or equivalent (for foreign diplomas).

• The application includes the following:
– a covering letter, indicating the innovation project on which the student wishes to work
– a CV.

• Admission to a SeMS is agreed by the director of projects at the Centre Michel Serres after examining the application and interviewing the student.

• All applications must be sent email to cms@hesam.eu or by post to:

Centre Michel Serres
151 boulevard de l’Hôpital
75013 Paris.

• Closing dates are published on the Centre Michel Serres website under the section Calls for applications


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