15 July 2015

About heSam Université

HeSam Université (hautes études Sorbonne arts et métiers) is a COMUE (Community of universities and institutions), which brings together prestigious french establishments of research and higher education.

A confederal university

Enable our member establishments to collectively realize what they cannot do alone,is the heSam Université’s credo. Our ambition is to create a confederal university, which respects the prerogatives of its members and takes advantage of their strong skills to create new knowledge and new values by making efficient use of interdisciplinarity.
As a place for research, creation, knowledge, and know-how, focusing on the contemporary issues facing our societies, heSam offers new opportunities to the players in its establishments: students/auditors,teachers,researchers, staff, etc.

Our members 12 members

With its 12 member institutions, it has established an unprecedented alliance between the humanities and social sciences (SHS), the engineering sciences, the science of public and private governance, design, art and heritage.
>> Our members

3 affiliated partners
HeSam also has 3 affiliated partners.
>> Our affiliated partners

Lines of actions

• Research
• Eduction
• Continuing Education
• Research Transfer / Innovation & Entrepreneurship
• Europe and international policy

5 strategic thematic cores

• Industry and Regions
• Risks, Regulation et Quality
• Object Dynamics
• Tomorrow’s Africa(s)
• Learning to create


>> 7 LabEx
>> 1 EquipEx
>> 5 NExT
>> 6 Synergie
>> 17 research projects


>> Centre Michel Serres
>> 8 educational projects
>> Summer programs
>> heSam PhD Contracts
>> Passerelle CPGE
>> PEPITE : heSam Entrepreneurship


>> PhD Contracts
>> Germain-Tillion Contract
>> Lévi-Strauss Scholarship
>> Humboldt Contract


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