15 July 2015

About Centre Michel Serres

The Centre Michel Serres, created by HESAM Université, provides training to students willing to combine interdisciplinarity and professional experience within the same working project.

Key figures

  • Creation in 2013
  • 10 annual Michel Serres projects
  • 1 Michel Serres diploma
  • 1 Michel Serres post-master degree
  • About 300 students since its creation
  • About 30 economic partners
  • 130 lecturers from higher education, research and the business world (community).

An interdisciplinary pedagogy

The centre gathers students from different backgrounds and institutions for a six-month period innovative project or a 2-year diploma. Its ambition is to create a multidisciplinary group able to exchange in which each student grows and learns from the experience of others.

Answering corporate needs with innovation

The Centre Michel Serres develops partnerships with companies and institutions notably in innovative projects. These projects are concrete and useful to their sponsors. They entrench the students in reality and initiate a collective and collaborative way of working.

The Centre Michel Serres offers three type of courses

>> The “Michel Serres Diploma” (DiMS)

This is a two year course for students who have at least a degree (or bachelor) whatever the discipline. It concludes with the award of the Centre Michel Serres Diploma corresponding to a 5 year higher education level. It is a master’s level establishment diploma.

>> The “Michel Serres Semester” (SeMS)

It lasts about five months during which students participate in an innovation project (20 ECTS credits) and undertake an individual knowledge project (10 ECTS credits). They receive a certificate from the Centre attesting to the appropriate completion and validation of the semester. The SeMS can either be part of the student’s curriculum, replacing a semester of their original course, or take the form of an internship at the Centre.

>> The “Michel Serres Post-Master” (PoMS)

Open to holders of a Master’s regardless of the speciality, it takes place over two SeMS and prepares for immediate entry into innovation issues in organizations, public institutions, business, etc.

The Centre Michel Serres team

Marc LE COQ, Director of the Centre Michel Serres

Sandrine AUGER, administration and education manager for the Centre Michel Serres

Julie MENDY, administration and education assistant for the Centre Michel Serres

Grégory ABBONDANZA, business developer