15 July 2015


Michael JANSEN
Chargé des relations internationales
@: michael.jansen@hesam.eu
tel : 01 56 81 20 03

heSam’s key international figures
18 establishments worldwide
5 ESCP Europe campuses throughout Europe
700 research and international cooperation agreements
216 visiting professors


Our establishments have specific European and international policies because of their disciplines, and the needs and requirements they have.They have a desire to develop together and promote a common policy supported by an integrated network of establishments and respecting the principle of subsidiarity. They have the following objectives:

• strengthen our European identity from a perspective of worldwide influence and international appeal;
• contribute to European objectives, such as those set out in the Europe 2020 Strategy, and to national policy objectives concerning hosting foreign students;
• contribute to promoting French speaking communities in particular in African countries and in the Arab world;
• support international projects in response to requests from foreign governments, governmental organizations such as the EU, World Bank, AFD, and businesses, which therefore increase its own financial resources.

Europe and Africa are central to the ComUE. The many European and African campuses of several establishments, the importance of the existing agreements at their level, the first major agreements signed by the ComUE (Cologne,Tunis) and the strategic theme of Africa, currently under development, justify this choice.

Six strategic partners and twelve special partners are given priority on each continent. Our establishments’ existing campuses underpin the whole community. The ComUE plans to create a globally oriented campus, in an emerging geographical area, where most disciplines will be represented. It will do so with the involvement of sponsors and international funding.

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