1 July 2015

What’s a LabEx ?

LabEx are Laboratories of Excellence, part of the “Investments for the Future” programmes of the French government. This was to encourage the best French research centers to increase their scientific influence, merging forces into research units called LabEx (for Laboratoires d’Excellence, that is to say, Research Departments of Excellence) having enough resources to gain international visibility, capable to compete with their foreign counterparts.

LabEx are encouraged to foster the emergence of ambitious scientific projects, be they developed by individual research centers, or by groups of research entities. They are meant to attract internationally recognized researchers and teachers, so as to maintain in France high-level or high-potential scientists. LabEx are designed to construct an integrated agenda of research, training, and promotion of achieved projects, and are in the best position to implement innovative teaching methods.

Funds to LabEx are public subsidies that actually complement the financing efforts of participating research centers and universities. Private companies can be involved as partners of projects, but are not eligible to receive subsidies.

HeSam université and her members are part of 4 labEx programmes: Cap, DynamiTe, iPOPs and RéFi.









Through her scientific community and her Paris Nouveaux Mondes Programme, heSam université participates in 3 other labEx programmes: Corail, haStec and Tepsis.