18 March 2014

What is the NExT program?

The research strategy of the Paris Noveaux Mondes programme is organised around its NExT programmes (Noyaux d’Excellence Thématique – thematic excellence hubs).

NExT programmes are based on five main topics, which are attached to selected LABEX or other projects:

  • global and multi-location history (LABEX Hastec, Asian Dynamics project);
  • economic and social regulation in an international context (LABEX OSE, RéFi and ipops);
  • standards and institutions in the context of globalisation (LABEX Tepsis, NORMA project);
  • environmental and territorial challenges (LABEX Corail and Dynamite);
  • creation, reflection and knowledge (LABEX CAP).

The first call for NExT projects, issued in September 2012, selected two new NExT projects that began in April 2013:

  • NORMA, which addresses the issue of standards in the context of legal studies and also involves philosophy, sociology and engineering sciences;
  • Asian Dynamics (Dynamiques asiatiques), which is the first French social science research network focusing on the countries of South and South-East Asia.

The second call for NExT projects, issued in September 2013, selected three new NExT projects that began in April 2014: