20 February 2014

Doctoral School

The Doctoral School is an internal body of the heSam University community. It coordinates the different organisations involved in PhD programmes.

Its key role is to contribute to the development and implementation of heSam policy for PhDs. Its roles include :

  • coordinating calls for proposals and calls for projects developed by the HeSam community of universities and Institutions
  • sharing best practices and recommendations for institutions, particularly with regard student registrations for PhDs, follow-up and supervision
  • coordinating PhD supervision practices within the university community (charter for theses, standards of supervision)
  • building up PhD courses within the heSam Université framework, development of co-supervision by a thesis committee
  • organising joint research seminars open to PhD students
  • pooling of doctoral and further training in the use of office tools (to support publication and management of documentary and scientific resources) and in foreign languages, communication; preparation for the academic or non-academic job markets
  • developing international mobility during a PhD, especially under co-supervision and international partnership agreements
  • monitoring recruitment of PhD graduates, coordination of monitoring tools and graduate databases
  • promoting PhD courses and degrees in the social, economic and business environment
  • background studies on the relevance and value of PhDs in non-academic careers and on diversifying PhD recruitment opportunities

Bertrand Wigniolle : bertrand.wigniolle@hesam.eu


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