14 February 2014

The “Michel Serres Post-Master”

In order to apply for the Post-Master, a Master or a diploma conferring the level of Master or an equivalent foreign degree must be held.

Open to holders of a Master (M2 validated or establishment diploma conferring the level of Master or an equivalent foreign degree), the Centre Michel Serres Post-Master (PoMS) aims to prepare students to address the issue of innovation in companies, private organizations, and national and regional public institutions. For a student coming to the end of academic studies of at least five years after the baccalaureate, the one year PoMS can also be an opportunity to step back from studying and develop a personal career project.

The Post-Master is organized into two successive “Michel Serres Semesters”.
It can begin in either September or February of each year.

A year built on two successive interdisciplinary innovation projects

Building on interdisciplinarity and university-industry relationships, the Centre Michel Serres bases its educational approach on conducting innovation projects in partnership with the world of work. Objective: to offer students “on the ground” learning and a better understanding of the business world, as well as of public organizations.

All Centre Michel Serres innovation projects are intended to provide practical solutions to modern day social, environmental, cultural, economic challenges.

Some contemporary issues addressed by the Centre Michel Serres in the context of interdisciplinary innovation projects:
• new forms of social life, longer life expectancy, urban density, changing work, etc.
• environmental change, global warming, loss of biodiversity, etc.
• scarcity of natural resources, water, fossil fuels, etc.
• access for all to health care, culture, education, etc.
• social and economic impacts of digital technologies, advances in life and earth sciences, the use of new materials, etc.
• impact of cultural, historic, heritage, archaeological, etc. structures on the development of a territory.

In each project, the solution is provided by a multidisciplinary team of students constituted on an ad-hoc basis, associating social sciences (sociology, anthropology, law, economics, …), engineering sciences (mechanical, energy, digital engineering), design and architecture, management sciences (public and / or private management), but also, in certain circumstances, art and heritage, humanities, philosophy sciences.
These students work together on the innovation project throughout the semester, approximately 60% of the time. The student team is supervised by a project manager, with an associated team of multidisciplinary researchers-teachers. They work in conjunction with the sponsor of the innovation project.

In each of the two PoMS semesters and in parallel to the projects, for the remaining 40% of the time students undertake individual knowledge projects. These consist of research and / or personal work and / or classes taken in heSam Université community institutions.
Students develop and present their personal knowledge project to the academic management of the Centre, which validates it at the start of each of the two PoMS semesters.

The individual knowledge project takes into account students’ academic background and the innovation project in which they are involved.

The educational objectives of the Post-Master
There are 4 objectives for the PoMS:
• acquire and put a project approach into practice through key stages such as needs analysis and interpretation, research and evaluation of solutions, establishing them, and managing them;
• work jointly on design in a multidisciplinary team by differentiating disciplinary points of view and enriching them through a collective vision of the project;
• develop personal communication, autonomy, initiative and creativity skills;
• implementing knowledge and skills, in practice, acquired on previous training courses and acquire new knowledge and skills through innovative projects and individual knowledge projects.

The location of the Post-Master

The Centre Michel Serres is located on the premises of ENSAM at 151 boulevard de l’Hôpital in Paris (13th). Students have a space there dedicated to their project allowing them to conduct their activities, and receive the project stakeholders and exchange with the teaching team. An “in residence” operational mode (at the partner’s premises) may also be considered for part of the semester.

Evaluation and validation of the Post-Master

The two interdisciplinary innovation projects and the two individual knowledge projects are evaluated.
The evaluation of the innovation project is done through project reviews in the presence of the partner and through a final summary through a discussion paper and an oral presentation. In some cases, the deliverables may include the creation of models.
A public presentation of the project is organized a few weeks after it is completed, respecting however any confidentiality clause.
The “Post-Master Centre Michel Serres” (D.U.) is awarded to students who meet the contractual obligations of the course; each course is unique and subject to a study contract.

The contractual aspect

Every PoMS student has a study contract with the management of the Centre Michel Serres, which stipulates the individual objectives and the commitments of the two parties.
During the PoMS, students are enrolled in the Université de Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne, a member institution of the heSam Université community. When enrolling, they must pay university tuition fees. They therefore benefit the student regime.
During the PoMS year, they are considered interns at the Centre Michel Serres, and as such receive a training allowance.

The Post-Master timetable

The projects run through each academic semester (S1: September-January, S2: February to June). A PoMS can start in September or February, as the student chooses.

Information for applying for a Post-Master

• All PoMS applicants must hold a Master, or a diploma conferring the level of Master or an equivalent foreign degree.

• The application includes the following:
– a covering letter
– report of the marks obtained in M1 and M2 (or equivalent years)
– two letters of recommendation, including one from outside the academic sphere.

• Applications should be sent by email to cms@hesam.eu or by post to:

Centre Michel Serres
151 boulevard de l’Hôpital
5013 Paris.

• Admission will be decided by a jury that will interview each candidate. It is chaired by the Centre Michel Serres’ Managing Director and is composed of the director of projects and course director at the Centre and two members of the Centre’s Steering Committee.

For further information contact: cms@hesam.eu


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